How Do You Get Your Shed Removed Properly at the Lowest Possible Price in Cleveland, Ohio?

How Do You Get Your Shed Removed Properly at the Lowest Possible Price in Cleveland, Ohio?

Today I will discuss how you can get rid of your shed or outbuilding properly and for the lowest possible price. My name is Chris Blumfeldt and I own Ohio Junk Force Inc.  We have removed hundreds of sheds over the years and have seen just about everything.  Here are some things I have learned over the years.

Why Get Rid of an Old Shed?

There are many reasons why you might want to have your shed removed.  It could be ugly and you just want your yard to look nice.  You may be worried that having an old shed could be dangerous.  Old sheds attract critters such as snakes, mice, racoons, squirrels, and skunks.  We have been sprayed by skunks in the past.  It’s funny now looking back on it, but it wasn’t that funny when it happened (at least not to the crew involved, everyone else thought it was hysterical). Maybe you want to use the space for something else.  Having an old ugly shed in your yard certainly does not help your home value.  Here is an interesting blog post I found about sheds and the value of your home.

Why Hire a Professional and Not Do It Yourself

Removing an old shed can be dangerous.  The shed needs to be dropped to the ground.  If you do not know how to do that properly the shed could fall on top of you!  Not a good position to find yourself.  Also, some sheds are next to other building and the direction they fall is extremely important.  When you start to take apart a shed, there are nails sticking up out of every board.  It is not like new construction where the nails are in your pocket and you nail them into the wood.  They are in the boards that you removed from your shed already and often standing straight up just waiting for you to step on them.  We step on nails sticking up often, however, we wear steel toed shoes with a Kevlar insole to stop the nail from penetrating the foot.  Lastly, old sheds really do attract critters.  Often you can smell them when you walk into an old shed.  When we first get to the shed, we walk around the shed looking for burrows under the shed where racoons and skunks like to make their home.  Then we check the inside of the shed.  Sometimes there are animals in the rafters of the shed.  

Removing a Shed takes proper tools and the ability to properly dispose of the debris.  We carry all the tools we need to remove a shed.  Sledgehammers, reciprocating saws, circular saws, drills, pry bars, and wheelbarrows are common tools used to remove a shed.  It is also wise to have the proper personal protection including a safety helmet, glasses, gloves, clothing and boots.  Lastly, you need a spot to properly dispose of the debris.  A dumpster could be rented or a truck/trailer could be used if you know where to dispose of the debris.  

Removing a Shed is Hard Physical Labor.  Knocking down a shed with sledgehammer, saws, and pry bars is not for the faint at heart.  Sheds are very heavy.  The roof with all the shingles on it is extremely heavy.  All these pieces need to be picked up and transported to your disposal site.  If you do decide to remove the shed yourself, you will get a work out.  Maybe that’s a good thing!

How to Choose the Right Company to Remove Your Shed

They have a Great Company Reputation.  Research the reputation of the shed removal company. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gauge their reliability and quality of service.  Google Reviews is a great place to start.  What are customers saying about the company you are looking at?  Are they dependable, safe, efficient, and charge a fair price?

They have Extensive Experience in Shed Removal. Choose a company with experience specifically in shed removal. Experience indicates familiarity with the unique challenges associated with dismantling and disposing of sheds.  They know what they are getting into, and they know how to do it safely and leave your yard in good condition when they are finished.  In short, the employees are well trained.

They have Proper Insurance Coverage.  Confirm that the company has adequate insurance coverage. This includes liability insurance to cover potential property damage and Workers’ Compensation Insurance to protect workers in case of injuries.  We have $2 million in general liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation for our employees.  Here is an interesting link to the legal issues you could find yourself in if someone gets hurt on your property

The Company Should have Upfront Pricing.  Seek a company that provides transparent and upfront pricing. Obtain a detailed written estimate that outlines all costs associated with the shed removal.  There should not be any surprises when they come to collect payment.  Additionally, you should never have to give an upfront deposit.  Most sheds can be done in one day.  There is no reason for you to pay anything up front.  

Safety is Paramount for the Company!  Inquire about the company’s safety practices. A professional shed removal service should prioritize safety, including the use of safety equipment and adherence to safety protocols.

When should You be Wary of a Company? 

When a company offers a price that appears too good to be true.  Do they know what they are getting into?  Are they paying taxes, insurance, and investing in training and safety for their employees or themselves?  Be wary if you are offered a significantly lower price for cash.  This often means that they do not report their income.  In Ohio, this may mean that they may not be covered by Workers’ Compensation.  Workers’ Compensation is a percentage of income payment to the state.  Not reporting income can affect coverage.  It should also make you wonder what else is missing.

It is easy to choose a reputable company when following the points above.  Don’t remove the shed yourself unless you are strong, healthy, and knowledgeable.  Even then, the extra you might spend is probably worth it!  Personally, I would like to sit on the back deck with cold drink and watch others do all the hard work!