What are some tips when hiring a junk removal service?

What are some tips when hiring a junk removal service?

Hi, my name is Chris Blumfeldt and I am the owner of Ohio Junk Force, we remove junk.  Today I would like to give you some tips on what to look for if you are hiring a junk removal service.

First, I would look at company reviews for the junk companies you are looking at.  Google is one of the best places for this.  See what their rating is on Google.  Are they 4 stars and above?  How many reviews do they have?  A 4.5-star rating on Google with 200 reviews might be better than a 5.0-star rating with only 10 reviews.  When I see a service that seems promising, I like to read the reviews to see what other customers are saying about them.  I like to look at the good reviews, but then I like to see the bad reviews.  In the bad reviews, I look for what went wrong and then how did the company respond to the bad review.  I find companies with many positive reviews and that deal with bad reviews professionally when I choose a service provider like a junk removal company.  There are other places to look for reviews.  Places like Angi, the BBB or Yelp, for example.

Second, I would contact the company and see how they treat you.  Are they professional?  Are they prompt at answering the phone and with follow-up?  Do you feel good about the company?  Do they collect payment only after they have performed the job and after making sure you are 100% satisfied? Do they accept all forms of payment like cash, check or credit card?  Companies that don’t accept credit cards or say they prefer cash might mean they do not operate above board.  I would be skeptical of these types of companies. 

Finally, when you have them on the phone, I would ask them about insurance.  Do they have insurance to protect your property? Do they carry insurance such as workers compensation to protect their workers if they get hurt?  This is a big issue.  Some companies may operate on a cash basis and not have their employees covered with insurance.  I am not a lawyer, but I have heard of some nightmare stories where a shady service company has an employee get hurt while at a customer’s property and the employee sues the business owner and the homeowner.  Junk removal can be very dangerous and ensuring that you hire a company with proper insurance is important.  

So to sum it up, I look for three main things when hiring a Junk Removal company in Cleveland. One, do they have great reviews. Two, do you feel like they are professional and trustworthy when you speak with them. And third, are they a legitimate operation that has all the appropriate insurances to protect both you and their workers?

Thanks for listening! God Bless and have a great day!