Why Choose Ohio Junk Force?

Why You Should Choose Ohio Junk Force

Hello, I am Chris Blumfeldt and my wife, Shawna, and I started Ohio Junk Force in 2010.  Here are my thoughts on why you should choose us for your junk removal needs.


Ohio Junk Force’s mission is to provide relief to you (customers), establish a great work environment for employees, and offer charitable services for others through junk removal.


In short, the primary purpose of our company is to help and bless you and as many people in our community as possible!  It’s true!  We believe that making a difference in people’s lives is the most rewarding work one can do in this life. 

There are three groups of people we want to help: you, our employees, and others. Let’s talk about you first!  We want to provide you with relief through freeing up your space and time.  Maybe you currently fit into one of the following situations:

You are cleaning out your garage or basement and it is too much for you to handle yourself.

You just bought a new couch, bed, dresser, refrigerator, freezer etc., and you need your old one removed.

You have an old piano and no one wants it or you need to get rid of it.

You have a hot tub, shed, fence, or deck that is past its useful life.

We Are Available For All Junk Removal

You may feel overwhelmed. You may be sad or in a difficult situation helping a family member.  Maybe you have no idea how to remove a large or heavy item. Or, perhaps, you are just sick and tired of looking at an old eye sore and want to reclaim your space. We want to relieve you of your burden and provide an Amazing Customer Experience! We do all the work. You just tell us what to take and it is gone! From the first moment you contact us to the completion of the job, you should expect professionalism!  We will be there when we say!  We will give you a firm price up-front and stick to it!  We will make sure you are pleased with our service before payment!  We will not have you dissatisfied with our services.  That is not acceptable to any employee of Ohio Junk Force.  The job is not complete until you have the relief and peace of mind knowing that at least one problem is solved. You might think everyone says they provide an Amazing Customer Experience.  If you haven’t looked at our reviews on Google, please do. They are the proof that we are succeeding with our primary purpose.  To further ensure that we provide you with an Amazing Customer Experience, employees are bonused when they get a 5-star review on Google.  When we create Amazing Customer Experiences everyone wins!  You win, employees win, and the business wins!  

We also want to take great care of our employees.  They are part of our family and the most important part of our business!  When we put employees first and they know it, they become the best employees!  Our employees need to know they are secure, cared for, and heard!  Without them, how could we service you?  Employees give their best to companies that care about

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