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The best way to get rid of an old couch is to contact us. We’re old sofa and furniture removal experts.


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Appliance removal isn’t easy—old appliances can be difficult to lift. Thankfully, there’s Ohio Junk Force, your #1 appliance haul-away service!


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Our hot tub removal cost is very affordable! Our prices are determined by the total amount of junk that you want to have hauled away,

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For junk removal and hauling services in Parma, Ohio, choose Ohio Junk Force—providing northeast Ohio with top-rated junk removal services!

Parma, Ohio, located in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, is home to over 80,000 residents who enjoy the city’s attractions, including parks, zoos, recreation centers and outdoor spaces. Parma, like the rest of the country, is susceptible to the changes wrought by technology and global trade.

Technological advancements have led to increasingly available—and often, equally disposable—merchandise. That’s both to our benefit and detriment. Following the latest fashions is easy, and upgrading portable electronic devices has become an almost yearly ritual. But with this material abundance comes junk: household waste, e-waste, old clothing and more.

Consider clothing, worn until it falls apart or goes out of style—and often, both happen quickly. So-called “fast fashion” means that Americans throw out up to 80 pounds of old clothing per person every year—if they get the chance. Old clothes take up wardrobe space, create clutter, and collect dust.

Electronic waste is another big problem—most trash collection companies aren’t equipped to handle it. That leaves you to gather up your old smartphones, clunky televisions and ancient computers, and haul them to an electronic waste recycler yourself. What a nuisance! Fortunately, there’s Ohio Junk Force. We collect and safely dispose of or recycle almost any type of electronic waste.

Not your Typical Company

We’re a junk removal company; the nature of what we do means that some of the trash we haul away—especially old, damaged, or difficult to recycle items—does end up in a landfill, but not as much as you might think.

The Junk Force trash removal team sorts through your discarded items, separating anything recyclable or fit to donate. By doing so, a significant quantity of material is diverted from the landfill, those less fortunate benefit from useful goods (such as clothing and furniture), and valuable raw materials are recovered, reducing the impact of resource extraction and production.

E-waste is a perfect example—each year, Americans discard enormous quantities of electronic items, which cumulatively contain as much as sixty million dollars worth of gold and silver. Ohio Junk Force understands that resources are finite, and takes our responsibility in preserving them seriously.

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  • 9 Time Angies Super Service Provider Winner (only 5% of service providers make it each year)

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Parma Junk Removal—You Point, we Lift!

Using our highly regarded Parma junk removal and trash hauling service is simple! Contact us online, or call 1-888-998-JUNK. We’ll give you a free, all-inclusive, no-obligation, guaranteed-price quote.

When we arrive, just tell us what you want to be hauled away. We’ll do the rest. No mess and no stress. Kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy the sight of your unwanted items disappearing into one of our high-capacity dump trucks. Ohio Junk Force removes non-hazardous junk of all shapes and sizes, from single items to large loads. We pride ourselves on being on-time, friendly and efficient—and we’ll always clean up before we leave.

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What Our Parma Clients Say

Great! Wonderful! Better than I expected. The 2 gentlemen that came out were very pleasant and removed all of the unwanted items from our garage and basement. It only took them about 4 hours to do all the work I wanted done.
Garbage Collection
Parma, OH
The crew was excellent. We have an older house with basement stairs that are just wide enough for the appliances. The guys were very careful about removing the appliances and not nicking the walls and door frame.
Appliance Removal
Parma, OH
You point, they picked up. They gave excellent service. Out of the 25 years I have used anyone for work to be done, they were by very far, the very best. It is hard to find this type of service and I will definitely use them again.
Hauling Services
Parma, OH

Trash Removal Where and When You Need It

The Parma Junk Force team removes junk from residential buildings, storage units, places of business and government facilities whenever is most convenient for you. In a hurry to declutter? Try our same-day junk removal service to clear out unwanted belongings: electronic waste, old furniture, unneeded clothes, construction debris and more.

Take advantage of our mattress removal service—our trash hauling experts know how to handle large, heavy items. We also perform light demolition, safely dismantling and removing small structures such as gazebos, sheds and decks.

Ohio Junk Force—Serving Parma and Beyond

Headquartered in North Ridgeville, Ohio Junk Force is family-owned and operated, proudly helping northeast Ohio residents remove junk from their home, office, industrial and governmental properties. We provide waste collection and disposal services to Parma and surrounding Cuyahoga cities, villages and townships.

Contact Ohio Junk Force—Parma and surrounding northeast Ohio’s best dumpster rental alternative—today! Call 1-888-998-JUNK for a free, no-obligation quote.

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