Project Description

At Ohio Junk Force, we believe in providing great service to our customers. We do the job, and we do it right the first time. Our dedication and service have not gone unnoticed by our customers. Our customer David from Parma, OH had great things to say:

“I am absolutely ecstatic about them. They were phenomenal. They came in and did a great job. They took all of the crap out of my basement. They swept up after they were finished. They were very polite. The two guys that came out were great. I’ve been bragging about them to everybody I talk to. I had a lot of debris in my basement. In order to get rid of the debris, I would have to rent a dumpster and hire someone to carry it out. I’m not able to carry it myself, I am disabled. It would cost me $250. I also considered a dumpster bag, which would cost more. For $110, these two guys from Ohio Junk Force came in. They had a truck designed for hauling garbage. They hauled everything out, and swept up after they were done. They were very polite and very friendly. I can’t stop raving about them. I called the owner of the company, and told him I was ecstatic about them.”