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Furniture Removal

The best way to get rid of an old couch is to contact us. We’re old sofa and furniture removal experts.


Appliance Removal

Appliance removal isn’t easy—old appliances can be difficult to lift. Thankfully, there’s Ohio Junk Force, your #1 appliance haul-away service!


Hot Tub Removal

Our hot tub removal cost is very affordable! Our prices are determined by the total amount of junk that you want to have hauled away,


Trash Removal

We’ve all been there—that moment when you realize that what used to be a small pile of junk has grown out of control.

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Ohio Junk Force is your top choice for junk removal, trash hauling and waste diversion services in North Olmsted, OH and surrounding Northeast Ohio Areas. North Olmsted is the 8th most populated city in Cuyahoga County, home to the gorgeous Rocky River Nature Center, a wide variety of outdoor recreation amenities—and a great place to live and raise a family.

North Olmsted is also part of a rapidly changing world—a world of plenty, in which new innovations, materials, and manufacturing techniques have created an abundance of products. Electronics, clothing, household goods—all have increased in production and variety. But there’s a downside: junk!

Electronics are a perfect example. Oversized handsets gave way to flip phones, and the humble flip phone became the smartphone—a must-have electronic device upon which millions rely. Following the same pattern, televisions and computer monitors—once bulky, heavy and square—become wider, flatter and thinner with each passing year.

A regular trash company won’t collect most electronic waste—especially large, bulky items. This leaves you little choice but to haul your unwanted junk to a recycling center. But wait—you have another option! Call Ohio Junk Force at 1-888-998-JUNK for North Olmsted electronics removal!

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Not Your Ordinary Trash Company

We remove junk—lots of it. But where does it end up? The reality of junk removal is that some trash—particularly that which is old, dangerous or damaged beyond repair—does go to landfill, though not as much as you might imagine.

Our team of trash removal specialists sorts through your unwanted items, holding back anything fit for donation or recycling. We do this to ensure that finished goods and raw materials are put to good use—benefiting both those less fortunate, and the environment. Ohio Junk Force takes environmental stewardship seriously, recognizing that we live in a world of finite resources.

  • 5/5 stars on ~900 Angie’s List Reviews (one of the top rated service provider in Northeast Ohio)
  • 9 Time Angies Super Service Provider Winner (only 5% of service providers make it each year)

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North Olmstead Services

Ohio Junk Force—Proudly Serving Northeast Ohio

Did you know that Ohio Junk Force provides junk removal services in North Olmsted, Cleveland, LaGrange, Lorain, Mentor, Streetsboro—and dozens of other areas in Northeast Ohio? Ohio Junk Force is a family-owned and operated waste management company, and removing junk from residential, commercial, industrial and government properties is what we do!

Getting Rid of Junk in a Responsible Manner

We get rid of junk quickly, efficiently and affordably—but where does it all go? Serving dozens of areas, we remove a significant quantity of junk. The nature of junk removal is that some garbage does end up in a landfill—but not as much as you might think.

Junk removal involves more than hauling away trash. Our expert crew sorts through your junk, setting aside anything that can be donated or recycled—processes which ensure that the raw materials and embedded energy in your unwanted belongings will reenter the world, minimizing environmental impact, and keeping the majority of the trash we remove from going into a landfill.

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What Our North Olmstead Clients Say

Quickly, efficiently, and well. No damage to woodwork or floors despite the fact that there were heavy and bulky items to be moved.
Hauling Services
North Olmstead, OH
It went very well! The workers were quick, efficient and friendly. They made cleaning out the debris look effortless. They were wonderful to work with and I would definitely use them again.
Garbage Removal
North Olmstead, OH
I give them all A's. They were very good.
Hauling Services
North Olmstead, OH

North Olmsted Junk Removal—you don’t have to lift a Finger!

How does our highly-rated junk removal service work? It’s easy! Start by calling us at 1-888-998-JUNK, or contact us online. We’ll give you a free, upfront, all-inclusive, no obligation guaranteed price quote.

From the moment we arrive, you won’t have to lift a finger—except to point at the trash that you want us to haul away! No muss, no fuss, no bother—we remove all manner of junk, large or small. Leave the heavy lifting to us—Ohio Junk Force is here help! We’re timely, efficient, and always clean up before leaving. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ohio Junk Force’s North Olmsted team can remove junk from your home, office or other place of business—name a time and location that’s most convenient for you; we’ll be there! Use our same-day removal service to get rid of almost any non-hazardous waste—unwanted items from storage units, electronic waste, old furniture, construction debris, and more. We even perform light demolition, dismantling small outdoor structures, such as decks and patios.

Contact Ohio Junk Force—North Olmsted and surrounding Northeast Ohio’s best junk removal service—today!

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