Junk Removal Cleveland, Ohio

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Hot Tub Removal

At Ohio Junk Force, we’re spa, pool & hot tub removal experts. If you need to get rid of an old hot tub, call us and we’ll remove it quickly and efficiently!

Hot Tubs, Pools, Spas & More

Our hot tub removal cost is very affordable! Our prices are determined by the total amount of junk that you want to have hauled away,

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Appliance Removal

Old appliances don’t just look bad—they’re noisy, inefficient, and take up a lot of space. Even worse, they may contain mold and wiring well past its prime.

Stoves, Freezers, Washers & More

Appliance removal isn’t easy—old appliances can be difficult to lift. Thankfully, there’s Ohio Junk Force, your #1 appliance haul-away service!

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Furniture removal

Furniture removal is hard work. Leave it to Ohio Junk Force, Cleveland, Ohio's number-one furniture removal and haul away company.

Get Rid of Your Old Couch

The best way to get rid of an old couch is to contact us. We’re old sofa and furniture removal experts.

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Trash Removal

Up to your ears in trash? Overwhelmed by junk? Don’t take it to the curb; don’t rent a dumpster—let Ohio Junk Force help. We’re waste management experts!

Why Use A Professional Trash Removal Service?

We’ve all been there—that moment when you realize that what used to be a small pile of junk has grown out of control.

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Providing The Cleveland Area With Professional, Fast & Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Services

Who Is Ohio Junk Force?

Junk Removal Cleveland - A picture of the Ohio Junk Force company truck.Ohio Junk Force is a junk removal service in Cleveland Ohio that offers a premium professional service at a deeply discounted price. They haul away trash of any kind and any size from any location in Northeast Ohio! Large items may include hot tubs, refrigerators, freezers, sofas, dressers, mattresses, pianos, outdoor furniture, sheds, decks, and fencing. They also pick up old household items, items from attics, garage sale remnants, and trash from home improvement projects or construction demolition.

What Makes Ohio Junk Force Stand Out From Its Junk Removal Competitors?

What may initially attract you to Ohio Junk Force’s junk removal services is their significantly lower price. However, there’s something more you need to know about them. Ohio Junk Force has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA) six times over the last six consecutive years (2011-2016)! According to Angie’s List’s 2016 SSA press release, fewer than five percent of all companies on Angie’s List receive this top recognition. Furthermore, the SSA Award is based on actual reviews by verified customers over an extended period. Moreover, Ohio Junk Force is the top rated junk removal company within the Cleveland Ohio market.

It Takes True Leadership To Rise To the Top

At the helm of Ohio Junk Force is Chris Blumfeldt, a consummate junk removal professional in every way. As the founder and CEO, Chris is a friendly yet serious-minded fellow who insists his Cleveland junk removal business runs like a well-oiled machine. When he speaks about Ohio Junk Force’s more than 800 “A” grade reviews on Angie’s List, he says, “We earned those top reviews and we’re immensely proud of them!”

Everyone Needs Junk Removal Services

No matter how neat and fastidious you and your family are, there’s no escaping the accumulation of junk and trash that needs to be hauled away. Appliances break, sheds become old and dilapidated, and swing sets fall apart, Couches, chairs, mattresses, and other furniture must be eventually replaced and the old ones hauled away. There’s also spring cleaning and your spouse insisting you clean out the garage or the basement, right? The good news is that Ohio Junk Force can do it cheaper than other junk removal companies in Cleveland Ohio while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

No One Beats Ohio Junk Force On Price

Compared to most junk removal companies in Cleveland Ohio, Ohio Junk Force runs about 25% lower on price. Furthermore, Chris Blumfeldt provides his personal guarantee that they will beat any written quote.

It’s a Highly Professional Junk Removal Service

When Ohio Junk Force arrives on the scene, they greet you with a smile and a good attitude. If larger items need to be disassembled before they can be hauled away, they are happy to get right on it. Many junk removal businesses in Cleveland Ohio will not do this for you. However, Chris feels he and his professional team must go the extra mile. After all, the best advertisement in the junk removal business is a good reputation and all the great word of mouth that goes with that. Before they leave, they make sure to leave the area clean and liter free!

They Recycle Whenever They Can

Junk removal in Cleveland Ohio is not just about hauling junk to a proper disposal spot, at least not to eco-friendly individuals. Ohio Junk Force is 100% committed to recycling and diverting junk from the landfills whenever possible. They even go so far as to fix up, reuse, and resale everything they can to reduce the waste stream going to the landfill.

Who Needs the Junk Removal Services of Ohio Junk Force?

Virtually everyone since no job is too small or too large! If you are located in the Cleveland Ohio area, give Ohio Junk Force a call anytime you need junk or trash of any kind or any size hauled away!

If you are the owner or manager of an apartment building in the Greater Cleveland Ohio Metro area, you should put Ohio Junk Force on speed dial. Junk removal is key to you being able to get an empty apartment ready for the next tenant. It’s also true that piles of trash creates an unsightly mess for your current tenants and your prospective tenants so it’s imperative to get junk hauled away as quickly as possible. Ohio Junk Force offers expedited junk removal in Cleveland Ohio and is happy to work with apartment building managers on an ongoing basis.

Cleveland Ohio landlords and real estate managers love working with Ohio Junk Force too because they know they can always count on consistently good and dependable junk removal services. Keep the stress low and set up an ongoing account with Ohio Junk Force to haul away your junk and leave a site so spotless you’d never know there had been any trash there.

If you’re a contractor or have a construction business in Cleveland Ohio, fast efficient junk removal is imperative to you moving forward on a project and cleaning up as you go along. Ohio Junk Force would like to partner with you. No junk removal job is too small or too large so give us a call and we’ll meet you at your location and get the trash hauled away fast.

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Sample Reviews From Our Google Business Page
Rated 5 stars across 9 reviews

Five Star Review Icons

A company that truly does a great job for a great price

Titan Lethinious

I have been using Ohio Junk Force on occasion for the past few years. They have done jobs ranging from something as simple as removing a few couches to demolishing an entire mobile home. It doesn’t matter what the job is or who is on site working, they are always courteous and timely. They always leave my work sites more clean and neat than they found them. I highly recommend them for your junk removal!

Andrew Deerhake

I have used their services twice. In my opinion, they are a very good company to use for junk removal. They are very professional, prompt, and affordable. They are now my “go to” guys- only a select few make this list!

Brent Tisdale

Great company! Great experience!! We could not be more pleased with the service Ohio Junk Force provided during the difficult time of cleaning out our parents home in Westlake. They were very professional during the entire process from scheduling to cleaning up after the job. Keep up the great work!

Matt Snyder

Ohio Junk Force truly did a great job on my demolition project. The guys were diligent, polite, and worked really hard. Their prices were very reasonable. I highly recommend Ohio Junk Force!

Oleg Bolman

I’m a not for hire contractor with an investment group. We buy and sell residential and commercial properties. I’ve found Ohio Junk Force to be our most effective and affordable option for the removal of any unwanted materials. The staff is honest and polite. I highly recommend Ohio Junk Force.

William Hurst

Ohio Junk Force has incredible customer service and a professional and hardworking crew. Five Star!


Prompt, honest, polite — excellent service. Great job.

Steve Weston
Titan Lethinious

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