Dumpster Rental Alternative - A picture of a dumpster bin loaded with construction site debris.Dumpster Rental Alternatives

Think renting a dumpster is the solution to your junk removal woes? Think again—there are better, easier, more convenient dumpster rental alternatives!

Hauling Away Your Own Trash: A Logistical Nightmare

De-cluttering your life is one of the best things you can do—getting rid of unwanted junk is liberating. But, like most people, you’re probably too busy to worry about that overflowing closet, or a pile of stuff in the corner of the garage—until it becomes too big to ignore. Then what?

Hauling away junk and trash poses a number of problems. For starters, you might be unable to lift heavy items. Furthermore, a suitable vehicle is required—one with good load-bearing capacity, and ample free space. Getting rid of large quantities of trash and debris may take several “dump runs”, which, factoring in the cost of fuel, personal time, and energy, may be uneconomical. Finally, not all types of waste are accepted at the same disposal facilities, and in some cases, special dumping permits are be required.

What about Dumpster Rental?

Perhaps putting junk in your trunk—pardon the pun—isn’t worth your while. A more attractive option is to rent a dumpster. The process is fairly straightforward: Contact a dumpster rental company, select a size and type of dumpster, and wait for it to be dropped off.

There are, however, some shortcomings, foremost among which is that you’ll still have to lift and load the heavy debris or trash yourself, ensure that the agreed upon weight isn’t exceeded, and make certain that only allowable types of trash are disposed of. Additionally, the smallest available dumpster may be too large for the job, which means you’ll pay higher than necessary dumpster rental costs.

A picture of the Ohio Junk Force company truck use as the dumpster hauling alternative.Professional Junk Removal: The Better Choice

A professional junk removal company—like Ohio Junk Force, Cleveland and Northeast Ohio’s number one provider of junk hauling services—provides all the benefits of renting a dumpster, with none of the downsides. An expert crew quickly and efficiently loads your trash into a high-capacity dump truck, tidies up any residual mess, and drives away, freeing you from backbreaking labor, the hassle of acquiring dumping permits—and paying too much for dumpster rental fees. Don’t rent a dumpster—hire a full-service junk removal company, put your feet up, and wave goodbye to your unwanted junk.

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