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Ohio Junk Force Now Provides Quality Trash & Junk Removal Services in Cleveland, Ohio

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Based in Cleveland, Ohio—Ohio Junk Force are professional junk removal experts at removing and hauling away ordinary household trash, as well as old furniture, hot tubs, and construction debris—and are capable of disassembling and demolishing outdoor furniture, fences, decks, sheds and other small structures. Cleveland, OH, United States of America: Junk is a fact of [...]

Recycling Facts & Tips That You May Not Know About

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Reducing your impact on the environment can be a pretty tricky proposition since it can be hard to find methods that are both effective and easy to implement in your daily life. Recycling is one such method, but most people don't understand how recycling actually works. Improper recycling can be ineffective at best and completely counter-productive [...]

Curb Appeal Ideas: Clean The Junk Out of Your Yard To Boost Sales

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Curb Appeal Ideas Curb Appeal 101 —whether you're preparing to sell your home or just want to make your property more appealing to passersby, you won't get many approving looks with a pile of junk in your yard. Sometimes you can go blind to your own home's flaws, but if you've been accumulating a stack of [...]

Decluttering Done Better: How Your Unwanted Stuff Can Make Your Community and the Planet Happier

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Decluttering is all the rage. After tidying up all the stuff you want to keep, how about everything else? What you do next can change lives and make the earth greener. Give Vases Another Shot at Love Do you have a cabinet full of vases thanks to all those lovesick paramours sending you flowers? Or [...]