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Appliance removal isn’t easy—old appliances can be difficult to lift. Thankfully, there’s Ohio Junk Force, Cleveland’s best appliance haul-away service!

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The Types of Appliances We Remove

At Ohio Junk Force, we can take out all kinds of appliances from your home or business. We cover all types of appliance removal in Cleveland, leaving your property clean in just a few hours. Some of the appliances we can handle include:

  • Refrigerator Removal
  • Oven & Stove Removal
  • Dishwasher Removal
  • Microwave Removal
  • Washer & Dryer Removal
Called to get rid of an old fridge and air conditioning unit. Shawna was amazing! She gave me all the information I needed and had an awesome happy-to-help attitude! The two guys that came out were punctual and friendly. Will be recommending this company!!!
Julia S.
Cleveland, OH

Why Choose Ohio Junk Force for Appliance Removal?

Appliance removal is hard work. Leave it to Ohio Junk Force, Cleveland’s number-one shed removal company.

Appliance removal isn’t easy—old appliances can be difficult to lift. Thankfully, there’s Ohio Junk Force, Cleveland’s best appliance haul-away service!

Old appliances don’t just look bad—they’re noisy, inefficient, and take up a lot of space. Even worse, many old refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and dryers harbor mold and contain wiring well past its prime, as well as failing fans, motors, and heating elements, all of which can pose a risk to your health and safety.

You might be tempted to pull out that old air conditioner, wrestle your ancient stove or refrigerator from the kitchen, or recruit a friend to help with the dangerous task of carrying an old washing machine up from the basement. Don’t! Most appliances have one thing in common: they’re heavy. Let the experts pick up your old appliances for you.

Why Professional Appliance Haul-Away is Your Best Choice

The fastest, safest way to get rid of your unwanted appliances is to contact Ohio Junk Force. We’re a full-service junk removal and hauling company. We don’t just haul away ordinary household waste—we provide an appliance disposal service to spare you the time, effort, inconvenience—and quite possibly, injury—involved in moving large, heavy objects. The Junk Force team is well-trained, ensuring your old appliances will be removed without any damage to your home.

Cleveland Refrigerator Removal

The typical 15-year-old fridge weighs 250 pounds. Even newer, lighter models are hefty, at an average weight of 200 pounds. Let’s face it: most people aren’t strong enough to move something that heavy—especially if it has to be lifted, maneuvered around corners, or carried up or down stairs. Imagine what getting hit by a hard-edged, 250-pound object would do to a stair, banister, floor, wall or any other part of a house!

Did you know that the City of Cleveland requires that old fridges not only be placed face-down on your lawn, but have their doors removed before collection—and that the pickup of large appliances is restricted to certain days of the month? As if that weren’t enough, violating such rules can result in fines of $100 to $500. All the more reason to opt for our very convenient appliance haul-away service!

Old Appliance Removal: More than Just Fridges

From old refrigerators to stoves, to air conditioners, microwave ovens, washers, dryers, old furniture removal and more, Ohio Junk Force is your go-to choice for old appliance pick up, disposal and recycling. Our item volume-based rates are affordable, and our no-obligation quotes mean no hidden surprises—just fast, friendly service you can count on. All you need to do is point at your unwanted appliances; we’ll do the rest. We’re Ohio Junk Force—Northeast Ohio’s best appliance removal company. Contact us through our website, or call 1-440-420-9245 today!

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