Staircase Carpet Removal

Are you getting ready for a DIY project, or need a little assistance with some heavy lifting. Our team has extensive experience with construction, carpet removal and preparation. On this project, we removed the carpet from a staircase so the contractor/homeowner could now just concentrate on the new installation. [...]

Hot Tub Haul Away

Did you once get a hot tub thinking you would love it and use it all the time? Only, it just sits in your backyard staring you down in a spot where you could put a great grill or some cornhole boards. With some light demolition, we were able [...]

Angie’s List Awards

At Ohio Junk Force, we believe in providing great service to our customers. We do the job, and we do it right the first time. Our dedication and service have not gone unnoticed by our customers. Our customer David from Parma, OH had great things [...]

Large Furniture Removal

This customer had large pieces of furniture that needed to be taken away.  We picked up the boxes and furniture.  However, we don't just trash them. Anything that can be recycled, we will!  Small or large amounts, we can haul it away for you. Contact Us today to answer any [...]

Yard Debris Removal

How do you tackle a yard full of junk and debris? This customer didn't both spending time bagging and recycling the trash themselves. They called in Ohio Junk Force to clean up all of the debris in the yard and make sure all of it was gone. In addition, all of the materials that could [...]